ICAN A/S was founded in 1985. Since then, our aim has been to develop and produce the best respiratory protective device in the world.

ICAN A/S is a Danish company. Production and product development take place in the factory and laboratory situated in Mørke in Djursland.

ICAN A/S has developed a wide range af disposable masks, Full Face masks, Half masks, turbo system and filters, all of which meet EN (European Norms) specifications. All ICAN respiratiory protective devices marketed in Europe carry CE marking. Documentation in the form of a declaration of conformity can be ordered on request.

ICAN A/S has an extensive system of quality control which ensures that our rigorous demands for quality are fully met. ICAN A/S has its own laboratory, where each day’s production is tested and where new types are developed.

ICAN A/S’ respirators are marketed and sold in collaboration with distributors throughout the world. ICAN A/S invests a great deal of resources educating and training its partners, thus ensuring that they always have the best possible knowledge of the latest developments in the field of respirators. ICAN A/S has a number of experts which are always at the disposal of these partners in concrete cases where a problem concerning the protection of the respiratory organ is to be solved.


ICAN A/S     Stationsvej 18     DK-8544 Mørke     Phone: +45 86 37 73 72     E-mail: contact@ican.as